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Margo Valiante combines country and blues into a sound that is her own Americana. Raised in Wyoming with a long stint in Texas, she has been calling Brooklyn home for the last 8 years. She’s most comfortable telling sad stories through dark, powerful vocals that might lead you to believe she was properly raised on Townes Van Zandt and Bonnie Raitt. Her affinity for the Telecaster is a good indication that she’s not going to tiptoe around you.

In June of 2018 she released the EP Weight of Your Heart, recorded at Transmitter Park Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her collaboration with producer Abe Seiferth proved fruitful as they melded her country background with his guitar and synth expertise. The writing evokes an aimlessness and navigates the endless pursuit of an American journey. She even throws in a haunting cover of Neil Young’s Pocahontas

You can find Margo Valiante fronting her band most Thursdays blowing the roof off of Skinny Dennis Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 



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Weight of Your Heart

by Margo Valiante

Photography: Ward Roberts

Graphic Design: Geron Hoy